Monday, April 2, 2018

Welcome to April!

It's April 1st! Which means I can share my newest calendar stitch! April is such a beautiful design from The Snowflower Diaries monthly free pattern with this cute little bunny and squirrel!

Yesterday way Easter, and we got to spend it with family and fun! Every holiday we get with my mom is extra special. She's waiting for a liver transplant and she's finally close on the list! We just keep praying fo her healing so we can celebrate many more with her! She was always a very active Grandma and I know she looks forward to have energy to play with the kids, but she still enjoys playing with the kids and our yearly egg dying tradition!
This was our first time dying our first year dying brown eggs and they came out just beautifully!

So Easter morning, what would you know, we woke up with SNOW. Yes snow. Not only was it Easter, but also April fools day, and God sure does have a sense of humor doesn't he? It did melt by late afternoon when the kids got to go on their egg hunt! 

Another fun event from yesterday, Muffet, our white breasted turkey, laid her very first egg! Isn't it so speckled and beautiful? She's been acting pretty oddly lately so I knew it was going to happen soon! 

Also since I'm sharing, I wanted to post a picture of Brooklyn and Bailey from yesterday too! My sweet Goaties! 

We hope you had a great resurrection day too! From our family to yours! <3

Have a blessed day! ~The Vela Homestead

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