Friday, April 13, 2018

Chickens 4 weeks old and new additions!

I'm posting this a little late since the chickens will be 5 weeks old tomorrow but here are our 5 chicks, plus 3 NEW little chicks we picked up when we got our ducklings!

First up is Frost! 
Look how much she has grown! Her colors are so pretty! She's a shy bird! (I think it's a she!) 

Second up is Sushi, who is getting more daring and coming closer to me and still our smallest chick!

Chick #3, Bear is such a bear! Look at all that fluffy cuteness! She ( I think?) Comes up to me now and gets close to my lap, and pecks at my pants. She's definitely warming up to me! She is so so soft!
Chick #4 is Penny and I'm 99.9% sure Penny is actually a roo. He's daring and that comb is big and he is so tough this one lol! 

#5 is big sissy! She's so big and yet, such a baby lol! She still hides from me!
Onto our new chickens who are not named yet! I need to get a feel for this personalities first! 
Chick #6 for now on is this Polish bantam! Look at that hair! Oh it makes me melt! That hair do it just EVERYTHING!

Chick #7 is this fluffy cutie that looks a lot like Bear yet grey! I can't wait to name this one! 
and lastly this is our Creole Orpington! (although online I see more spelling it Crele Orpington?) She's definitely a hen because the man at the hatchery said the coloring is different on hens but she's GORGEOUS! Those feathers are so pretty and she loves spreading them for us! 
I can't wait to share updated pictures in the next few days. They have already changed so much since I took these last weekend! <3

Thanks for reading! ~The Vela Homestead

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