Monday, April 16, 2018

Chickens 5 weeks old!

So The chickens are now 5 weeks old! (The new 3 are not far behind that!)
Here are some updated photos! I had to use both my camera and my cell phone because my flash is just awful. It doesn't like to work even with new batteries very long!

Chick number 1 "Frost"! I think this will be a hen. At least I hope so! She's gorgeous and look at that coloring!

Sushi is still our smallest chick! And also I'm hoping is a hen! She is getting really pretty!
Bear is so so sweet! She (or he?) Walks up to me when I open the cage to peck at my pants and get in my lap. How sweet is that? Man I'll be so sad if this is a rooster. I just love this bird and it's my favorite because of how sweet it is! She is so soft and fluffy!

Here is Penny, who has been renamed Rocky. He is definitely a rooster. He is trying to crow and will practice  A LOT. I'm so sad we will have to find him a new home because he is just so beautiful! 

Big Sissy is as big as ever! I hope we can keep her with us for a year and if she makes it that long I'll be happy! 

Now onto the new chickies! 
Now I hope this is a girl, but if she is a he we will be calling him Einstein (and finding him a new home) Man why do people have to hate roosters so much! I'm afraid to annoy my neighbors lol. It's just not worth the risk of losing our flock! Isn't she/he just gorgeous! I love the hairdo!

Chick number 7, is small with a big comb so I'm thinking this is a he. But we will see. I have to pick out a name for is soon! 

And lastly our for sure hen, I still just love her! She needs a pretty name! 

I hope you enjoy these pictures of the chickens as they grow! <3

Thanks for reading! ~The Vela Homestead

Friday, April 13, 2018

Chickens 4 weeks old and new additions!

I'm posting this a little late since the chickens will be 5 weeks old tomorrow but here are our 5 chicks, plus 3 NEW little chicks we picked up when we got our ducklings!

First up is Frost! 
Look how much she has grown! Her colors are so pretty! She's a shy bird! (I think it's a she!) 

Second up is Sushi, who is getting more daring and coming closer to me and still our smallest chick!

Chick #3, Bear is such a bear! Look at all that fluffy cuteness! She ( I think?) Comes up to me now and gets close to my lap, and pecks at my pants. She's definitely warming up to me! She is so so soft!
Chick #4 is Penny and I'm 99.9% sure Penny is actually a roo. He's daring and that comb is big and he is so tough this one lol! 

#5 is big sissy! She's so big and yet, such a baby lol! She still hides from me!
Onto our new chickens who are not named yet! I need to get a feel for this personalities first! 
Chick #6 for now on is this Polish bantam! Look at that hair! Oh it makes me melt! That hair do it just EVERYTHING!

Chick #7 is this fluffy cutie that looks a lot like Bear yet grey! I can't wait to name this one! 
and lastly this is our Creole Orpington! (although online I see more spelling it Crele Orpington?) She's definitely a hen because the man at the hatchery said the coloring is different on hens but she's GORGEOUS! Those feathers are so pretty and she loves spreading them for us! 
I can't wait to share updated pictures in the next few days. They have already changed so much since I took these last weekend! <3

Thanks for reading! ~The Vela Homestead

Sunday, April 8, 2018

New ducklings!

Wednesday, Natalie and I went to a local hatchery Duck n' Coop. I've only bought chicks and turkeys from Tractor supply so it was really exciting to go into a hatchery and see so many different chicks, ducks and breeds!

We decided we wanted 4 different breeds for our new additions!
Here are our new babies, breeds, and all that! Here is a photo I took of them the day we came home!

Here are some photos I took today! I plan on taking age progression photos like I do for our chickens each week and sharing them here on the blog! I hope you enjoy these! 

First up is our little Black and yellow ducking. He/She will be an Magpie duck! She should have white and black coloring as she grows! She's the smallest of the 4, and I believe just a week old. We haven't chosen names yet!

 Here is our 2nd little duckling. She/He will be a Ancona duck with white and silver coloring! She is just a touch bigger than the first duckling!

This is our 3rd duckling. He/She will be a Khaki Campbell duckling! He's a big duckling and I'm guessing around 2 weeks old! This little one is loud and anxious compared to the other, and definitely the fastest!
Lastly here is our 4th duckling! She is going to be so gorgeous as she/he grows up! This one is about the same size as the duckling above but not as crazy!

I look forward to sharing our little ducklings as they grow and watching their little personalites come to life and picking out names! 

Have a blessed Sunday!  ~The Vela Homestead

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