Sunday, March 18, 2018

The baby chicks are now 1 week old!

The baby chicks are now 1 week old and just look at how much they have grown! This is the easiest time for them. I just clean, feed, water, cuddle, and give lots of belly rubs! I love how little these bantams are! And that they all look different and have their own little personalities!

Look at those grey and white feathers! She is going to be just gorgeous as she gets bigger!

This is our tinies chick. She is half the size of the chick above! She almost doesn't look real! Natalie has named her "Sushi"! 

So here is little "Fuzzy Toes" As Natalie calls hers. She's so pretty! I love her spotted beak!

And look at those fuzzy feet she has! <3 I love them! 

And just look at those orange and black wings on her! She's just the cutest little thing! She's always fighting pasty butt so she gets a lot of baths! Needless to say, she isn't happy with me when I have to pick her up. I think she's afraid I'm going to get her wet! 

And this girl is HUGE. I had no idea that chickens would be bred to grow so fast they can die after a year old :/ But apparently she is a meat bird bred to grow super fast and most are butchered at 8 weeks old. I'm not sure what to do at this point other than feed her feed that isn't going to make her grow super fast to hopefully prolong her life since we bought her for a pet!

Look at those tiny tail feathers! So cute! 

Thanks for reading! ~The Vela Homestead

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