Meet Our Herd

I want to introduce you all to our pets! All of our animals are pets and so loved!

First up we have Lilly, and Bella our Yorkies!
Our French bulldog Harley! 
All 3 of them together! 
(Somehow I got them to all look at the camera. It will probably never happen again!) 
Our Cat Gabby!
Next up we have the first of our homestead animals! 
Our 12 production red chickens, 2 isa browns and 3 Australorps!
Although not all of them could fit into 1 picture!
Our 2 super fat turkeys! Muffet and Genji! (AKA Salt and Pepper)
Lastly our most recent babies Brooklyn and Bailey our twin nigerian dwarf duelings!

As they grow and we add more to our little herd (Ducks this spring!) I will update the photo! 
Thanks for stopping by!

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